Saturday, January 30, 2016

Naveed Khawaja

    Naveed Khawaja has radiated a passion for better and improved organisations, culture, practices and result oriented change over the past 15+ years. Having an infectious enthusiasm and energy for continuous improvement, he currently specialises in 'Enterprise Agile | Lean | KanBan Principles’ with a focus on ‘Scaled Continuous Innovation & Disciplined Execution’ journeys. His recent transformation was for inter & intra-department change where he disciplined the teams & a £350M+ portfolio. 

   You can check out his book on Amazon HERE:

  Being an Oxford Business Alumnus, he brings to the table a unique combination of practical transformation vision with a focus on Strategy & Leadership tailored to your organization or business. His enthusiasm results in an innovative training & coaching journey for enterprise business leaders, IT leaders, portfolio managers, & delivery teams.

   He is a multicultural expert in managing offshore teams. Known for inculcating visionary ideas with innovative analogies & brainstorming, he possesses an engaging training, coaching, facilitation and presentation skills. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, seminars, webinars - (he talks on innovation, collaboration and high performing teams).He has a solid foundation of Energy, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Financial, Civil, Manufacturing verticals; he shares his passion with an innovative, productive & motivating entrepreneurial mindset in ‘Agile, Lean & KanBan' in corporate & lean startups. 

BLOG WRITER'S NOTE TO AUTHOR:You sound like quite the accomplished business coach and speaker.  I'm sure your book gives great insights to businesses in how to work together to bring forth success through collaboration and innovation.

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