Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stacy Butler

Location: Reading,PA. /U.S.A.

Age:     43 years old

Question:  How long have you been writing?

I've been writing for about 3 years.

Question:  What was the name of the first book you ever published, and when was it published?

I'm a novice author with a freshly signed contract with "Black Opal Publishing".  My first book is titled:  "They Called Me Queen B" and it was published on February 27, 2014.

Question:  Tell our readers about this very first book.  (For example:  What was the inspiration for writing it, and what is it about)?

  The inspiration behind this first memoir is to help a wide audience. To celebrate victory over addictions of all kinds, and offers experiences and solutions to make this possible.

 This book:  "They Called Me Queen B" is a 100% gut-level autobiography about my journey from high school cheerleader, to drug queen-pin, to crack addict; 4 years in the state prison, pregnant and now a recovered mother of two; married raising my children and advocating for the anti-drug coalition. Sometimes graphic, yet always honest and inspiring, they literally use to call me the queen bee on the streets of Reading, PA.

Question:  Can a person still buy this book?  If so, where?

You can purchase this book on Amazon.Com under Stacy Butler, author: "They Called Me Queen B"

Question:  How many total books have you published?

"They Called Me Queen B" is my debut book.

Question:  Any future writing projects in the works?  If so, tell us about it, and any pertinent dates to go with it.

The next book project I will attempt is a three book deal. The sequel and prequel is already a finished product. 

Last question, if someone comes across this article and reads it, what would you like to tell them about why you think they should try reading your book or books? (Basically, what can you offer them in the way of information or entertainment)?

      My writing is honest, direct, inspiring and relevant, to all audiences, the active user, the corrupt dealer, the families of addicts, and people with long term sobriety.

    One last thing, this book is destined to be made into a screenplay. Several directors are interested in a film version.

You can follow me on Twitter @StacyButler5

Blog Writer's Note to Author:  It sounds like you led quite the life at one time.  I'm sure your story will be extremely enlightening.  It's definitely one that I will be reading.  Thanks for the interview.

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  1. Although the "B" in "Queen B" may have had different meanings in the past, I believe the "B" in "Queen B" now stands for "Butterfly". How symbolic, for much like the author herself, the butterfly is ever evolving until it achieves its full beauty. May we all be better tomorrow than we are today. I look forward to the prequel and the continuing evolution in the sequel!!! Fly beautiful butterfly ... fly!