Sunday, January 8, 2017

Koffi Hallman

Location: Los Angeles, California (U.S.A.)

Age: 46 years old

Question:  How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was 9 years old.

Question:  What was the name of the first book you ever published, and when was it published?

My 2nd novel is entitled "Death of a Thug"

Question:  Was this book published by a publisher; or did you self-publish?

It was self published.

Question:  Tell our readers about this very first book.  (For example:  What was the inspiration for writing it, and what was it about)?

What made me write the book was I was very close to the parties involved and felt the story should be told.

It's a 2-sport phenomenon who has an accident prior to the draft and how his life goes 180 degree from bright lights of professional sports to living in the inner city and unknowingly is at the heart of a plot that involves set ups, drugs, money, power, revenge, and murder; all lives involved become irreparably changed because of the "Death of a Thug".

Question:  Can a person still buy this book?  If so, where?

Is available on Amazon HERE!
You can also purchase it on my website at: 

"Death of a Thug" is the 2017 winner of the Walter MOSELY AWARD for Best African American fiction.

Question:  Any future writing projects in the works?  If so, tell us about it, and any pertinent dates to go with it.

Upcoming projects consists of several series of books:

6 Degrees Of Hustle Series has (11) books totals 
10 unrelated stories that each reveal a piece of a puzzle that is the 11th book that ties whole series together 

The 1st Body Count is scheduled for Early Summer 2017

The 8 Million Stories series is where we showcase new Authors. Authors are given a light template town name fee inter acting characters & they are free to create stories with in these towns using these people then I tie 1st 10 together then we shut that town down & repeat with a new town 

Look for that early spring 2017 

I also have a relationship book called 
"The Realist Guide To Being Real" 
Look for that sometime in 2017 closer to Halloween

Question:  What is the title of your current book, and tell us a little about it.

"Death of a Thug" is the title of my current novel.  It's 482 pages of pure fire and it's to be continued.  It was the 2017 Walter MOSELY AWARD for African American Fiction.  We get our actual award in March of 2017.  It's a fictional work based on true events.

      It is a fast paced action-packed blockbuster Thriller.  It is about set ups, revenge, drugs, power, money, and murder. 

Last question, if someone comes across this article and reads it, what would you like to tell them about why you think they should try reading your book or books?

I think a person should read this story because it is a detailed, gripping stories that parallels reality and takes the reader to another world.

My writings are like terrorists, they grabs hold of you and throw you in a van and don't release you until the journey is over and immediately you will want more.

Anything else you'd like to add that I didn't ask you, but you would like to share with our readers? 

I am also the CEO of "492 Publishing House Inc."

We offer complete inclusive packages that include editing up to (100K)
Book trailers major press releases where you get to use phrases as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX guaranteed entrance into major writing contest.
(Ben Franklin IPBA ETC) newsroom Skype author interview cable access Skype author interview radio cable author interview and we market book for 30 days to 32.9 million readers via cable access radio and social media campaigns 492 Publishing House Inc putting Authors First.

BLOG WRITER'S NOTE TO AUTHOR:  Your book sounds pretty exciting and highly action-packed.  I'm also highly impressed that you are the CEO of your own publishing house.  It looks like you have a lot of writing ahead of you with the several series you talked about in this interview.  I want to wish you the best with your future writing and thank you for the interview.

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