Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marc Zirogiannis

Location:  NY, USA

Age: 45

Question:  How long have you been writing?

   15 years Professionally

Question:  What was the name of the first book you ever published, and when was it published?

   "The ABCs of Home Buying: A Practical Guide" (2000)

Question:  Was this book published by a publisher; or did you self-publish?

   This was published with a small, Independent Publisher that no longer exists.

Question:  Tell our readers about this very first book.  (For example:  What was the inspiration for writing it, and what was it about)?

   The 1st book was a technical guide to the home buying process for buyers.  It was designed to take the complexities of the process and simplify it so people could better understand the process. 

    The book started as a teaching tool for home-buyers and became the basis of a 10 year adjunct faculty assignment at one of NY’s finest Universities and several related works.

    Most of my early work was non-fiction and technical because I feared the vulnerability of writing fiction.  My first attempt at fiction was a historical novel set in the Nazi invasion of Greece during WWII.  It was called Hitler’s Orphan: Demetri of Kalavryta.  It was well received and was recently entered into the permanent collection of the Kupferberg Holocaust Museum and received great reviews.   This gave me the confidence to pursue more fiction.

Question:  Can a person still buy this book?  If so, where?

   The book was released in three (3) editions and the original is out of print; however, the 15th Anniversary edition is due out this August 2015 and will be available everywhere books are sold.

Hitler’s Orphan: Demetri of Kalvryta is available though all online booksellers.

Question:  How many total books have you published?

     16 total

Question:  List all of your titles =

  • "The Suffering of the Innocents" (Not self published)
  • "Pannino is Dead"
  • "Hitler’s Orphan: Demetri of Kalavryta"
  • "The Journey of Praying Frog"
  • "Sinatra Style"
  • "A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation"
  • "10 Online Tools No Small Business Should be Without"
  • "A Consumer’s Guide to Resolving Any Dispute"
  • "The NYS Taxicab Driver’s Companion"
  • "The ABCs of Home Buying: A Practical Guide"
  • "The ABCs of Home Buying:  15th Anniversary" 
  • "The ABCs of Title Closing"
  • "Lessons from North"
  • "Taekwondo: Articles, Interviews & Exercises"
  • "Taekwondo Superstars"
  • "A Guide for the Volunteer Taekwondo Referee"

Question:  Any future writing projects in the works?  If so, tell us about it, and any pertinent dates to go with it.

    Now that I have opened myself up to fiction writing and enjoyed it, I am in the midst of writing a new novel about a father seeking to find justice for crimes against his daughter despite the enormous challenges he faces.  I am only in the midst of the first draft.  I expect to be ready for submission by Fall 2015.

Question:  What is the title of your current book, and tell us a little about it.

  "The Suffering of Innocents" is my newly released work through Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing.  It is a novel that examines the personal and spiritual dynamics of an American family as it attempts to deal with a horrific series of events that change their lives forever.

Last question, if someone comes across this article and reads it, what would you like to tell them about why you think they should try reading your book or books?

    I write on diverse topics because I view myself, first, as a student of the world and, second, as a teacher.  I have an insatiable appetite for learning about the human experience and I have tried to share my understanding through my writing.  The reaction to "The Suffering of Innocents" has been so positive, I think, because readers and critics have expressed to me that they felt they really could relate to the characters and their struggles.  They found them authentic.  I think that if someone were to read any of my books, but especially "The Suffering of Innocents", they would find that they have been challenged to think about issues in their lives and the world.

Anything else you'd like to add that I didn't ask you, but you would like to share with our readers? 

    I am also the leading Tae Kwon Do Journalist in the world.  I have been lead correspondent for Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine for the last 3 years.

BLOG WRITER'S NOTE TO AUTHOR: It is quite obvious to me that you have a strong love for writing.  I'm amazed by your wide range of writing topics that you have written about.  Your book:  "The Suffering of Innocents" seemed quite interesting and I will definitely be checking it out.  Good Luck with your future writing projects, and thank you for the interview.

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